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About Herts Pride

Hertfordshire's Biggest LGBTQ+ Celebration

Herts Pride is a non-profit organisation run entirely and exclusively by volunteers in order to help support the local LGBTQ+ community.

We are proud of our achievements in having established an annual event where everyone is welcome to attend and celebrate diversity in Hertfordshire.

Herts Pride invites people of all races, faiths, genders, sexualities, and abilities, to join in and show their support for our wonderful local LGBTQ+ community.

Despite great progress being made towards true equality, there is still so much more we can, and need, to do. LGBTQ+ people face discrimination every single day, and now more than ever, Pride is a time for us to increase awareness of these issues and join together to solve them.

However, it is also a time for us to celebrate the vibrant, dynamic, and powerful LGBTQ+ communities of Hertfordshire.

All proceeds from ticket sales, donations, sponsors and supporters goes towards the operational costs of running the Herts Pride annual event. You can purchase tickets through our Ticket Portal, or Contact Us if you need any help.

Meet Our Team

Herts Pride is run by volunteers, and you can learn more about our management team below.

Tyson Martin


Tyson Martin is Chair of the Hertfordshire Pride Society. He is the Herts Pride Event Director and Founder. He was born in Watford and continues to live and work their with his partner. He has been an activist and a campaigner for equality and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ Community since his teenage years, and has worked in Housing and Social Care for over 35 years in older persons’ services.

Clive Duffey

Head of Operations

Clive Duffey is originally from Cheltenham, and has now lived in Hertfordshire for over 30 years. The move was motivated by the freedom Clive felt being so close to the capital. This opened up an opportunity for him to see more of his community and feel safer.

Lynn Wheeler


Lynn Wheeler is the Treasurer for the Hertfordshire Pride Society. She is a straight ally of the LGBTQ+ community, and has been involved in Herts Pride since its inception in 2013. She continues to help and support the event in a range of capacities.

Ben Wallington

Events Manager

Ben Wallington is the Events Manager for Herts Pride, and he has been in this role since 2014. He has helped oversee some of the best moments in the annual Pride event, and always enjoys seeing the culmination of all the team’s hard work over the year.

Matt Lee

Volunteer Coordinator

Matt Lee is a valued member of the Herts Pride team, helping to oversee the many volunteers of the event. He is always there to guide the volunteers who generously give up their time, and he believes that without the amazing people who lend a hand, there would be no Herts Pride event.

John Pynaert

Stage Manager

John Pynaert is a member of the Herts Pride Planning Committee, and the Event Stage Manager. John has been part of Herts Pride for nine years, the first two years with HertsAid (who used to provide STI and HIV testing at Herts Pride), and then two years later joined the committee.

Josh Sulkin

Graphic Designer & Website Manager

Josh Sulkin is the Graphic Designer and Website Developer for Herts Pride. He has lived in Hertfordshire for nearly three decades, and runs a Creative Design Agency in London. He has helped take Herts Pride into a new artistic direction.

Mark Crockett

Marketing & Ticketing Coordinator

Mark Crockett is the Marketing and Ticketing Co-ordinator for Herts Pride 2023. He loves being part of his local community, and though most of his work goes on behind the scenes, he is a vital and appreciated member of the Herts Pride team.


Did you know...

That the number of LGBTQ+ police officers in the Hertfordshire Constabulary is among the highest in England?

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