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Hertfordshire's Biggest LGBTQ+ Celebration

We are a non-profit organisation run exclusively by volunteers to help support the local and national LGBTQ+ community.

We run an all inclusive event where anyone is welcome. We will have a wide range of exciting stalls, fabulous catering, a main stage with a diverse mix of entertaining acts, and of course our legendary dog show.

We are proud of our achievements in having established an annual event where everyone is welcome to attend and celebrate diversity. Herts Pride includes people of all races, faiths, abilities, sexualities, and genders.

Despite great progress being made towards equality, there is still so much more we can do. LGBTQ+ people face discrimination everyday. Now more than ever, Pride is a time for us to increase awareness of these issues and join together to solve them. However, it is also a time to celebrate the vibrant, dynamic, and powerful communities of Hertfordshire.

All proceeds from ticket sales, donations, and supporters goes towards the operational costs of running the Herts Pride event. You can purchase tickets through our Ticket Portal, or Contact Us if you need any further help.


Did you know...

That the number of LGBTQ+ police officers in the Hertfordshire Constabulary is among the highest in England?

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